Portugal Street by Jack McConnell

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Copyright 2009 Jack McConnell

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Sometimes I sit and think. Sometimes I just sit. While this is a famous North Country joke about an old timer sitting on a porch, Jack immediately connects it to this elderly man sitting on a bench in Nazarre, Portugal.
Jack imagines he’s here most every day. This is HIS SPOT. And no one challenges him for it. When the sun is shining, like it is this day, he probably takes three or four catnaps between entertaining friends who stop by as they circle the plaza on their afternoon stroll. It’s early spring, and the silhouetted tree branches seem to be carrying fresh blooms, barely sprouted. The old man wears a wool sweater under his coat to keep him warm.
Jack gets the feeling he’s photographed this fellow in Paris and Amsterdam, and captured him on film half-asleep in Hartford, CT and Portland, ME. Everywhere you go, men snooze on benches.

Stone Wall Jack