We Two By Jack McConnell

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Copyright 2009 Jack McConnell
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For more than 50 years, Charlie traveled around the United States having an interesting off-island life. Marrying four times, and holding unlikely jobs like roller-derby jammer in Kansas City, and casino croupier in Las Vegas, Charlie rarely failed to come home for the summer to eat his mother’s home-cooked meals, and sail around the East Penobscot Bay with high school friends.

As his own retirement approaches, Charlie renovates an island cottage and claims his childhood roots, setting out a few lobster traps in front of his house which he tends daily from a 12’ punt. Once a month he crosses the bay on the ferry, picks up his mother from her nursing home up north of Belfast, and brings her back to the island for a special lobster roll or bowl of fish chowder. He teases her about not leaving home without her pearls, and gives her a familiar hug.

In sheltered harbors across the country, sons take care of mothers, fulfilling promises implied in DNA.

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