We Two By Jack McConnell

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Copyright 2009 Jack McConnell
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Sundays it’s illegal to fish for lobster in Maine, so that’s the day Everard spends with his daughter, who’s shuttled to the island by ferry from the mainland where she lives with her mother. He marvels at how much his daughter has grown in just a week. They sit together at a picnic table at the ferry hot dog stand and get reacquainted.

She’s a little bit shy, and at the same time, over-charged with excitement and goes through a little spell of silliness before she settles down. This weekly dance of divorce plays out with all good intentions as Ev and his ex-wife try to make decisions based on what’s best for their daughter. But it’s never easy.

In households all over America, parents two-step back and forth in wishful synchonicity.

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