Sit Down By Jack McConnell

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Copyright 2009 Jack McConnell
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Deck chairs, straw hat, TV actress, and a famous White House decorator add up to an unlikely island afternoon. Kirstie Alley was being blackballed at the Yacht Club because of her ties to Scientology, and the grand matriarch Sister Parrish was the one person who could make things right. Kirstie hired me to photograph her on visits to all the grande dames on the island. She spent a fortune framing the prints in silk and linen mats and gilded frames and hung these around her house.

A couple of years later, I was killing time during a layover in the Fort Worth airport, thumbing through every magazine on the racks. And there in a multiple-page spread in LA Design stood Kirstie Alley in her Parrish-decorated island home, with my photographs on the wall behind her. Despite all, she never got the votes to join the Tarrantine Club.

Stone Wall Jack