Sit Down By Jack McConnell

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Copyright 2009 Jack McConnell
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A cluster of umbrellas at Weed Beach in Darien screen a couple of ardent beachcombers enjoying a rare opportunity to have the beach to themselves after a brief summer shower. A puddle of water left by the previous high tide reflects the colorful umbrellas and cloud-filled sky, and splits the scene into a yin/yang composition.

The hard-used Connecticut beaches are a challenge to shoot—the sand an unattractive gray/beige is often marred with yesterday’s debris and detritus. There are seldom rolling waves, and the long thin line of Long Island lies three miles offshore, boring in its unvariability. It takes something unusual, a lifeguard stand, overturned boat, rock jetty, or oasis of umbrellas to provide enough content for a photograph.

Stone Wall Jack